The key to Prodways' HIGH-RESOLUTION capabilities:

Every Prodways ProMaker uses MOVINGLight®, a proprietary technology based on Moving DLP and strong UVA LEDs. This technology has clear advantages advantages in resolution, homogeneity, and overall efficiency. The largest Prodways machines achieve hundreds of millions of pixels per layer. Such high resolution comes with no extra manufacturing cost and does not reduce build speed.

Prodways is the first 3D Printer manufacturer in the world to introduce a moving DLP head, allowing the projection of the image to cure as the head moves. Moving a DLP over a large build area allows the individual images to be small, hence much more focused and more precise than if they covered the whole platform and did not move. The result is extremely high resolution across the entire build platform.

  • Increased productivity: up to 10X faster than market standards
  • Capable of high production volumes
  • Superior surface quality requiring minimal finishing
  • Low operating costs due to minimal wear-and-tear on parts
  • Replacement of LED light source less costly than laser
  • The most detailed parts on the market at high throughput: hundreds of small parts in just few hours at a resolution of less than 40μm
  • Unequaled resolution, hundreds of millions of pixels per layer
  • High precision in all 3 dimensions (horizontal AND vertical)
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    +91 22 2685 4061/ 2685 5064

  • B-107, Shreyas Industrial Estate, Off. W.E Highway, Goregaon (E), Mumbai 400 063, India

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Stanley 3D Tech LLP is a manufacturer and distributor of 3D Printers with a wide range of technologies catering to various industries backed by an experience of 25 years in automated technology for the diamond industry.

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